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Your benefits from our renewables forecast

  • Customized preparation of yield forecasts
  • All site parameters taken into account
  • All production parameters factored in
  • Specialized numerical weather predictions incorporated
  • Optimal forecasting of production quantities and yields
  • Higher yields by incorporating relevant market data
  • Improved data basis for securing grid stability
  • Avoidance of contractual penalties by accurately reporting the feed-in of electricity
  • Identification of ideal time windows for plant maintenance
  • Optimized plant operation

How we prepare accurate forecasts for you

Prior to our forecasting service

  1. First, we need the historical production data of your plants (other solutions are available if you cannot provide this data)
  2. Data exploration: identification of challenges in the data, particularly plants that are running less reliably; identification of relevant weather parameters
  3. Data cleaning: removal of irrelevant production data and, if necessary, correcting the input; exclusion of influences not related to the weather
  4. Model training: multiple models are trained to recognize patterns in weather parameters and cleaned production data
  5. Model selection: the best-performing model is selected
  6. Deployment: setting up data pipelines, event detection, and suppliers

Steps in the forecasting process

  1. Implementing numerical weather predictions, live production data, and downtimes initiated by the customer
  2. Scanning live production data for events such as other downtimes and targeted feed-in reductions
  3. Raw forecasts: models recognize patterns in weather data and deliver a raw forecast
  4. Postprocessing: the raw forecast is corrected with external events such as downtimes and targeted feed-in reductions

What does your free trial include?

  • Three months of free yield forecasts (intraday and/or day-ahead) for a park or single plant
  • Free customized setup tailored to your needs
  • Option to cancel two weeks before the trial period ends
  • Renewal for 12 months following the trial period

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