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We’re advancing machine learning-based forecasting methods for the energy market and offer our expertise to develop targeted software. Our approach leverages intelligent and adaptive algorithms.

Accurate yield forecasts ensure that renewable energies can be rolled out on the market effectively and sustainably – both for the industry and society.

We implement a holistic strategy and apply our machine learning know-how to related topics to inspire the market with our specialized products.

4cast – looking ahead to the future

Our mission:
Absolute precision

Faster. Better. Weather.

Typical weather reports are very general and ignore decisive micro factors. In contrast, 4cast compiles an individual set of characteristics for every wind and solar power plant, taking into account the terrain, surface conditions, vegetation, or neighboring structures of a park. In close collaboration with our contractual partners, we can create solutions and services that are tailored to the relevant market. We focus on intraday, day-ahead, and long-term forecasts covering up to four days in the future for wind and solar power stations. Depending on requirements, the forecasts can be applied to entire parks or single plants.

Save time with our digital wind assessment (DWA)

Preparing wind assessment reports can be complex and time-consuming. The assessor has to conduct on-site inspections, comply with a range of formalities, potentially obtain additional expert reports, and put the entire process in order. 4cast has therefore made it its mission to reduce this process to a fraction of the time that it usually takes. Our digital wind assessment (DWA) structures tasks from start to finish and in one place. Everything is digitalized to the greatest possible extent. Here too, we draw on our experience in the energy sector and the areas of machine learning and complex algorithms to provide you with a tailored wind assessment report that you can use right away.
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Founded in 2016, 4cast is a joint venture between wind power pioneers and machine learning specialists. Our team’s expertise spans from physics, meteorology, and data science to cutting-edge machine learning techniques. By pooling together this know-how, our aim is to forecast the yields of renewable energies (e.g. wind and solar) with ever-greater precision. Want to find out why? Then watch our product video.


Wind parks
Wind parks

We work for wind parks all over the world and deliver forecasts that are tailored to the individual requirements of operators and meet local statutory regulations.

Solar parks
Solar parks

Our yield forecasts for solar parks achieve high precision using your historical
production data. By continuously feeding live production data into our machine-learning
models, we improve the accuracy of our forecasts.

Energy traders
Energy traders

To make well-informed decisions on buying or selling energy, storing it, or determining the optimal timing for sales, it is essential to have a forward-looking perspective. Our forecasts empower you to do exactly that, providing accurate and reliable insights tailored to your requested temporal resolution, available - 24/7.


Many industries depend on the weather when it comes to their profitability. The expertise we have gained in forecasting and big data during our research opens up a vast array of opportunities. We embrace every challenge, and we’re passionate about making the world a little bit better.
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A team that cares about the future

Putting research into practice: 4cast has been leveraging science-based principles to shape the energy transition since 2016. Our team of experts, spanning meteorology, mathematics, physics, computer science, machine learning, and data science, collaborates closely to generate precise yield forecasts for renewable energy-generating plants.

Working at 4cast


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We are a growing team of highly skilled experts in machine learning (ML), physics, non-linear programming, flow systems, data science, computer science, and meteorology. Our goal is to shape the future of wind and solar energy production using ML solutions.

Throughout our journey, we prioritize the well-being of our most valuable asset – our employees. Valuing your work is as important to us as our mission to be at the forefront of renewables with precise forecasts. We are constantly developing and improving both ourselves and our portfolio.

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Research equals innovation

As a member of the EU’s MAELSTROM project, 4cast has been passionately and consistently driving innovations in machine learning and high-performance computing with a focus on recording and processing weather data. Generating live weather data from social media is one of the research strands. We are involved in three research initiatives under the MAELSTROM umbrella, thereby contributing to the energy transition and leading the way to more sustainable energy generation.

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