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Customers in the energy sector

Onshore wind parks
Onshore wind parks

We work for onshore wind parks all over the world and deliver forecasts that are tailored to the individual requirements of operators and meet local statutory regulations.

Solar parks
Solar parks

Our yield forecasts for solar parks are made even more accurate with your historical and current production data. We regularly train our machine learning models using your production data so that they can learn and improve the accuracy of our forecasts on a continuous basis.

Energy traders
Energy traders

You need to look ahead to the future to reliably and quickly decide whether to buy or sell energy, store it or feed it in, or sell it now or later. Our forecasts enable you to do just that in the time intervals you need – 24/7.

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Many industries depend on the weather when it comes to their profitability. The expertise we have gained in forecasting and big data during our research opens up a vast array of opportunities. We embrace every challenge, and we’re passionate about making the world a little bit better.
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The four steps to your first yield forecast

  1. Enter your location (city is sufficient)
  2. Select the turbine model
  3. Select the turbine height
  4. Click on “Get 4cast”

The yield forecast displayed to you is just a demo, of course.

For greater precision, simply fill out the contact form below. We’ll be in touch to discuss the couple of extra steps required.

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